Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yes, I do eat sometimes.... haha

Spoons Market
8230 Auburn Folsom Rd
Granite Bay

The Lovin “Spoon”ful

Patio torchieres were lit in unison and ready to keep warm the several parties seated beneath an outdoor awning. Patrons at Spoons Market this evening were treated to live music a series of tapas, or “small plates” (Spanish in origin) designed to allow the diner to taste various dishes without feeling too full. The tapas here at Spoons ranged from a seafood ceviche to a baked brie tarlet. The carne asada tacos were another selection, artistically served in an oversize martini glass with a fan of avocado, and garnished with a baby red pepper. The service was quite hospitable and almost familial, which often makes a good dinner taste splendid. It’s good to feel wanted, right? The Barbara Winsor Trio (Barbara Winsor, Quentin, & Bogdan Bernert, guitarists) provided a pleasant arrangement of original songs as well as a few folk and pop standards. Spoons serves elegant and fresh food and has a sizable wine selection with which to pair it. It is a favorable destination for a romantic first date, or for a small get together with friends. The customers I observed during my visit were simply enjoying themselves, basking in the atmosphere, complete with a bubbling fountain. There’s no mystery why Spoons seems to have a group of repeat clientele, but also attracts fresh epicureans looking for flavorful dishes with an artistic touch.
Tapa dishes were priced at $9.50 per plate, and a 6 course serving is available for two for $50.

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