Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Run to Feed the Hungry:
So now I know I can still run 3.1 miles and not be in pain or sick afterwards. SWEET.
So happy I even finished the race while still running. Also, that I even came out to the race, I could have flaked out and stayed in bed.
But, I wanted to do SOMETHING for the less fortunate, and the volunteering to serve meals today didn't pan out, so I thought this would be perfect.
I didn't get to have a chip timer on my shoe (since I registered for the race this morning and not ahead of time), but that is OK.... I knew that I would not finish faster than my record time for a 5K....27:00 mins. Today I finished around 30 mins (very ballpark)....But, honestly I am proud of myself that I finished and that I was not crawling when I did. YEAH!

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