Saturday, January 28, 2006

Actually, I loved NY. The first time I ever went was three weeks after 9/11. I felt like I HAD to see you in person. Maybe it sounds dumb, but it really hit home because you guys were so relatively close to the whole thing. And Joe WAS close, not just relatively. Anyway, I know that topic is something you don't like to talk about, so I will just say that I am glad I picked that time to go for the first time. It was unseasonably warm, and I was happy to support air travel and tourism at a time when it was at an all time low. Remember that bad Harry Connick Jr play we saw? I actually liked it but, it got terrible reviews. And, you took me to Mario Batali's restaurant, Lupa. I still remember how green and pure the olive oil was... and I still remember the pasta dish I had!
So, it was the next year that I wanted to go back because I figured where else to go besides a big city like NY to buy a wig? And, I loved it so much before and had a great time. It was a no brainer. I want to tell you that I know you were trying to support me as best as you could. I wouldn't know what the heck to do either if my best friend was losing her hair (if it had never happened to me). I will say that people think that they can relate or understand, but they can't. Not until it happens to them. One the same note, I don't want to blame my alopecia for anything negative that has happened to me since its onset. I would never have found California if it weren't for my hairloss.

To me, Joe actually looks a bit like Jesus in that pic.

I don't think I photograph that well. I come out looking so greasy all the time. Ewww. At least my nose is cute, though. That's a procedure I'll never regret!

OK Williamsburg....
Well, I was in eighth grade at the time... I remember it was a bunch of us that sort of hung together on that trip. Me, you, Jeff R, David S, Anthony W... I think Greg C was on that trip as well as Jason K and Jamie B, I know the two Heathers were there too. I remember the LONGGGGGG bus ride, and how we both wanted to sit with Jeff on the bus. HA! I remember I sat with David a lot of the time, and we listened to my Divinyls cassette tape (with a splicer so we both had headphones, (Yes, I said cassette tape! This was 1991, you see. I think I still have it somewhere...)
I remember eating at a place called Michie's Tavern, and it was an authentic colonial-type inn/pub. Drinking from a tin cup, chawing on corncakes, Walter Raleigh style was pretty cool. I remember sitting on the grass near the governor's mansion in Williamsburg and having a picnic lunch. I remember that because I was wearing a skirt and it was not conducive to sitting in the grass. :( I remember seeing Jamestown and thinking, wow... this is where civilized America started. Also, we visited Yorktown, and there was this gift shop and everything was pewter. I know, weird random things.
Is there anything in particular you wanted me to discuss about it? :)

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