Sunday, January 22, 2006

Isn't She Spectacular?

My mom called ME. Now I feel like real crap! HA... I was just complaining about how she seemed disinterested and she called me up when I needed her most. SO HAPPY I HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY FAMILY. They don't understand me, but they LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY. I would probably be living with my parents now if I weren't here in CA. And that is how extreme I am. So if asked what I fear the most in life, I would answer*: Losing the ability to call up my mom anytime. Losing her. Don't know what I would do, people. Really.
*The always underlying fear of my thighs rubbing together EVER AGAIN when I walk, comes in a close second.

She talked to me at length today about a few things I have been facing/dealing with and it was great interaction. When I voiced that I thought earlier today about her sometimes being disinterested in me, she called me on it and said, "KD, sometimes I feel as if YOU are not interested in ME." Wow. Let today be national guilt day! I apologized profusely. I never meant to sound apathetic on this end. I think she will probably come out here in a few months. She liked it here when she came out before, and she hasn't seen the new place, which is much nicer than the old one. :)

OK, so I am a lot better now. The sun is out and I am looking through my window and I am fine. My workout is over, I laid in the sauna, I listened to good music. And, I am going to put in about six hours here most likely. The only thing that bothers me is the laundry I have to do when I get home....

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