Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I opted NOT to review the oldest restaurant in Sac for a reason (or a few).

1. As I was interviewing the owner, I looked down, and the carpet was FILTHY!
2. This was not a huge shock to me, as I had been through the kitchen, and it was not a model of cleanliness.
3. Naturally, I thought about what the restrooms must be like, but I did not explore them.
4. The owner was not friendly at all with me until I name dropped some other restaurant owners I had interviewed in the past.
5. I imagined what kind of slop they served as I browsed the menu--unappetizing and unhealthy. I think people that patronize that place probably go there out of habit or because they can't taste their food. I dunno, maybe its good (but I am guessing not). I didn't try it! HA...


Anonymous said...

What is the oldest restaurant in sac? I thought it was previously the place that is now Zokku on 4th & J (hong king lum?).

Anonymous said...

It is on Folsom Blvd. And starts with an "E". Rhymes with "superbowl" HA!