Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Email received from a magazine advertiser:

Dear [Publisher],

As per our conversation, I would like to end my one year contract with
Senior Magazine due to a lack of response to our ad in your magazine.

On a positive note, I would like to mention Kristy DeVaney did a wonderful
job on our ad. She always took the time to listen to my comments and concerns.
It's too bad you and [sales person] don't have this interest. I guess the new small
local business isn't
worth your time.

Thank you so much,



amypatrick said...

Ba-Zing! Nice to get the kind words though. But, that advertiser minced no words. Good for them.

cakegrrl said...

After he read this email, (which by the way, I printed for him to read because he can't even operate an email program).... He proceeded to tell me what a bad attitude she has. If he keeps d*cking around and ignoring the problems that we have, i.e. distribution, advertisers dropping out like flies, eventually I won't have a job... that would suck. I think I am going to apply at bevmo today for a p/t gig.

amypatrick said...

Good luck. Your boss sounds like a royal pain.
PS I had a really good time. Thanks for asking.