Friday, September 15, 2006


Since I miss my niece so much and she loves getting stuff in the mail, I sent her some poppy seeds and also some jelly beans I got at the fair this year. I also sent her a package of marshmallows. Why marshmallows? Well, because she is learning Spanish already (she is only 7!) and they are malvaviscos! (the packaging is in Spanish). And what are marshmallows made of? Sugar!! And what child doesn't like sugar? I rest my case. :) She called me last night to say "¡muchas gracias!"

Yesterday, I visited the Mediterranean Market and picked up some of the YUMMIEST RED PEPPER SPREAD IN THE WORLD!!! OMG. Only 15 calories per tablespoon. I eat it as a veggie dip, but I could piledrive through a whole bag of pita chips with this stuff. Especially fresh ones like Riad and his mother used to make. I recommend you add it to your shopping list and stop in to the Mediterranean Market if you don't already. I came so close to buying some injera (enjera). It looked soooo good...

So excited! Cosi Fan Tutte is tonight! YEAHHH!

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