Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Green Tea Ice Cream in a Wonton Shell

I made the server swear that it WAS indeed green tea and not wasabi flavored before I took it. Actually, wasabi would be quite interesting as an ice cream flavor.

There was a ton of standard buffet style roll pieces... I think I would have been a little upset if I paid to get in. They didn't bring trays out very often (probably because everything was prepped ahead of time and there was a very finite amount). A few times people almost broke out in a riot over the last piece of whatever... There were a few pieces that were unique to me, but I don't know... maybe they are pretty common? One variety had a sopa like thing on the bottom!

I loved that they had pieces with seaweed salad on the top. CB first introduced me to that. Yum!

The bartenders were very generous with the wine and the sake reps were happy to give out lots of sake. Probably because they were heavy sponsors. Each wine glass pour was easily 10 oz. and the sake people were really friendly as if to say "please come to our festival next month!"

The set-up of the auditorium was better than I thought it would be. It was very "Iron Chef"-like. They had a big screen projecting all the action, but I gotta say... being short still sucks. Even though I got to be up close with my wittle press necklace, I was still stuck behind a lot of taller people who wouldn't budge. Still I managed to get some decent pics. I really enjoyed myself because I like watching chefs work! It was like a live time cooking show/sushi bar.

My favorite of all the sushi was the spinach roll! Funny, I was the only one who wanted to try it...

More pics...


Unknown said...

Green tea ice cream rocks my socks. *swoon*

Dr.Gray said...

Yeah the green tea ice cream looks great. I love fried dessert things and love the green tea flavor.