Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just Kidding. I didn't wear a grass skirt to the luau. I wore that cheesy pink Hawaiian dress I have. And I took a guest. My guest was a lady (named Marilyn) who comes into the office to pick up magazines sometimes. She happened to come in today around 2:00... She lives alone a few blocks down and walks (with her cane) to the office whenever she wants something new to read. I knew I had to make an appearance tonight at the party so I asked her if she wanted to join me. I really think it made her week. I am not sure how old she is. Maybe late 60s/early 70s? She came back to the office around 5 and I drove her across the street. I didn't want her walking across the five o'clock traffic on Fulton. Scary. Anyway, it was so cool to take someone who I watched have a great time. I helped fill her plate with gyoza, pulled pork (they roasted a pig!), pineapple chicken, teriyaki beef, fried rice, shrimp cocktail, rolls, fresh fruit, cookies, pound cake, and chocolate fondue. I found her a spot outside at a table so she could listen to the musician play (guitar and ukelele) and then watch the hula dancers that performed. I had to take pictures and schmooze, so I didn't sit with her for long, but I just know she had a great time. Now I know who would actually appreciate those coupons I have for free dinners at an unnamed restaurant (also another big advertiser). The next time she comes in to get the mag, I am going to take her out because I know she would appreciate it. I am sure she never gets to go out to eat, or if she does, it's not very often. I am getting so much free sh*t lately, that I feel like I should give at least some of it away or try to hook up my friends when I can.

Tomorrow I am taking 20 kids from the children's home to the circus. It should be pretty fun. I wish my niece were here. I'd take her to Disneyland with me next week, and I would take sis to Roy's with me...

My bosses left for England today, so once again I have the office to myself.

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