Thursday, October 19, 2006

I am consoling myself with my new best friend Hayley, who I referred to previously in this post.

There's only 96 out of 779 cases left. That's because it was so delicious and everyone slurped it up at The Big Crush event. So, I just bought six bottles. Mmmmmm....I want a case, but I have a case and a half at home already of various other wines.....No, I am not going to drink the new six all at once. One of them I am going to bring home for Christmas, my mom wants to try it since I gave it such high marks. I am going to go back to Amador in the next week or two to pick them up, since I didn't want to pay $20 shipping, and I want to pick out a punkin from the Amador Flower Farm. I love that place.

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Anonymous said...

I want a bottle of this stuff!

I bought some wine the other day to take to a party later on. I'll have to go check out the labels again and see if anyone knows about any of them. One I bought cause I really like it.