Saturday, November 04, 2006

Apologies in advance if I butchered the name of your dish or if I didn't get a shot of it. I was pretty disappointed with mine (the dessert tamales). The flavors were there, but the texture was not what I wanted, and I should have just used corn husks, but no... I just HAD to make the whole thing edible, so I used egg roll wrappers. I don't like the idea of having a big husk or leaf on your plate that you can't eat and it just lays there--big old mess, right? Well, these wrappers resembled rawhide to me by the time I got the remainder of them home. Only edible if soaked in melted ice cream or something... I really must do a better job next time. In my defense, they were kinda pretty and tasted fine.

The Tasting Notes:

I think the feta cheese rolls and the fish dish (Moqueca de Salmão da Paula) were my favorite, savory wise. I am putting that out there and I hope that no one gets their feelings hurt by me saying that. Everything was great, though. I am having a secret affair with polenta right now (oops, not secret anymore), and I have to say it was delicious as well. I was excited to try foie gras, and big thanks to Elise for pulling out her roll! Bwahaha...

Garrett pulled off another yummy cupcake--Earl Grey Tea infused. I love innovative baking. Especially when it works. I topped Ann's pie with some of my caramel sauce when I got home. It made a great dessert even better. The crust was divine!

Jennifer brought some great items from Philipp's...including the Best of Sac Strawberry Cupcake. Even I think they use too much frosting. But I love frosting and so tomorrow morning I am going to dip some animal crackers in the extra icing I scraped off the cupcake for breakfast. Jealous??? I thought so...



Anonymous said...

On the Tamales. I appreciated them. However my impression didn't seem to match what you were aiming for. The effect of the tamales with the egg roll wrappers was much closer to a cinnamon roll. The filling was the spice and the sweet. The wrapper was the dough and the bread. The chocolate sauce was good on it's own, and with the persimmon bread. The toffee like sauce was good on the tamales, but I think that it may be better served by replacing the chocolate sauce with a cream cheese frosting.

-M of TV Dinners
The tall cook of the black bean polenta.

Anonymous said...

everything was wonderful, and i really enjoyed the party! it was very nice to meet you, and all the other lovely bloggers! :-)