Sunday, November 05, 2006

But Really, the People Make the Food Good...

Since it's almost time to vote and I am so excited to do so... I am going to warm up by casting my "best of" from the party.

Melody: Award for Most Huggable, Loveable, and Enthusiastic. She's got a great thing brewing at the food forums and I hope it grows.

Dave: Award for the Dish Most Worth Waiting For (Buccaneer Chicken) (your labor was appreciated!)

Garrett: Award for Most Inventive on a Consistent Basis: The cupcakes. (I mean, don't we all read to see what he has come up with next and to see the pic?)

Mr Appetizers: The "We're so not Worthy" award. Like I said at the gathering, it was great to meet someone who is PAID for their opinion about food & wine. ;)

Mrs. Appetizers: Award for Best Accomplice by Association. You must really hate being invited to all the food events... (Also, I loved the pretty glassware in hich your dish was presented!)

Jennifer: Award for Best Magazine & Job I Would be Doing if I Only I Had the Capital to do So!

Ann: Award for Best Use of Spice. Cardamom. Underused and underappreciated! Thanks for the great pie.

Kim: Award for Most Friendly and Most Welcoming. (I was a nervous wreck when I arrived and I cannot describe what it meant to me when the first thing I heard you say was, "Oh you're cakegrrl (the person)? I love cakegrrl (the blog)." I was fine after that. And I am a social idiot.

Michael: Award for Catering to My Love for Polenta

Fethiye: Award for Best Dish (tie with Fernanda) and Person I wish I would have talked to more.

Madeline: Award for Best Defense of the Subject of Her Blog, & Best Proof with the R.R. Torta.

Fernanda: Award for Best Dish (tie with Fethiye). Also Award for Blog I am Now Going to Read Even Though I Can't Really Read It

Elise: Award for Best Presents and Most Illegal Food (even though it's not quite yet.) Also, award for Outing me as a Food Blogger & "The Kitchen" Envy Award (tie with Brendon)

Brendon: Award for Great Use of Jicama. Runner-up Award for Outing me as a Food Blogger (Food Blogger Intervention discussion we had). OK, I AM. I am one of you. I admit it. Sigh. (Also co-awarded with Elise for "The Kitchen Envy")

There. My appreciation expressed because I felt so honored to meet all of you. :)

All my love...


melly53 said...

Oh husband will be so very honored that you did, infact, mention his chicken dish. He was a nervous wreck!

Can't wait to see you again!

The pics are so great!

Fernanda Guimaraes Rosa said...

I can't believe I won [even in a tied final!]. I'm so very thankful, for I also was very nervous about my dish, and about meeting everybody - not to mention that I write an encrypted blog! ;-) But everything was just lovely! Thank you cakegrrl! :-*

Garrett said...

Cute post!

Elise said...

Hey, we've got 11 years to reverse that stupid law, btw.

I just posted some of the photos here on Flickr. Didn't take many photos, and most of them didn't turn out. These were the only ones that did.

cakegrrl said...

OMG Elise, that photo of Fernanda is amazing. :) So pretty!

Kim R. said...

You are too too sweet, just like your blog says. ;)

jcliff Sacatomato said...

IT was such a pleasure to meet you!!! Looking forward to having a chance to do so again.

Madeline said...

I humbly accept my award! Thank you so much - I am glad you enjoyed both my defense of Everything Rachael Ray and my Pesto Torta!

cakegrrl said...

Definitely. Rachel gets credit with me because she does have a definite market and caters to it beautifully. If you don't like her, there is such a thing as a remote control. I will watch if she's on while at the gym, just because I like watching other people cook, no matter who it is. I also like her because she is not afraid to EAT. I don't think Giada does. Anyway, nice to meet you and hope to see you again soon!