Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ohhhh... I just went grocery shopping for ingredients for this weekend's dish I am making. Originally, I was just going to re-make the chili I made last week. Eh...I want to make something else now!! :)

  I am very excited because this is a very labor intensive project made of two ingredients that most people just buy already made. It will be interesting to see how it turns out, especially with my little spin. Of course I will post pics, especially of the finished project.

  So, I took the leftovers of the "Award-Winning" Black Bean Cuban Chili I made to the Halloween potluck at my gym yesterday. I met a lady there who also brought a dish (dropped it off at lunch and exercised just like me, and then came back after work to work out again and pick up our food containers) I have met three women lately (while working out)... all with the same issues as me. If you read this blog often enough, you know what I am talking about. It's comforting to know maybe I am not so weird. It's just that I, along with the three women I have met at the gym recently, have different priorities than the average woman.

So, I got sort of "talked to" yesterday because the magazine has "too much food" in it. Um, there are two food-related articles, that's it. And one is more of a human interest/book plug with BC. The other is my restaurant review of Roy's. I guess I am complaining because I have to fill space somehow and I am not going to write about things I don't know or am not interested in. I guess we can go down to 36 pages instead of 40 since no one sells any ads but me and I am down to about 6 or 7 columnists. No hair off my balls, sister... Yeah, I'm still sorta p*ssed. I'm a brat, what can I say? I hope I don't drink myself to death this weekend. Tempting. ;)

OK, here's another treat from Saturday for all my fans. Rrrriight...
Seriously, I really had such a great time. I was so happy to have been invited. Great people. xoxo


wheresmymind said...

That outfit is TOO cute...second only to my friend Sunny who went out as "Candy Corn" :)

cakegrrl said...

Aww...Thanks! I was pretty happy with my hair and makeup... The costume was from Evangeline's, I feel kinda lame about it because I didn't make it myself. :)
Also, I want to make a note about the chili:
It's got little pieces of blue cornbread (I made to go with) on the bottom and the tops. It also contains white meat turkey and soyrizo (a lot less fattening than soyrizo, but still full of flavor).

Anonymous said...

okay..I don't get the food thing. I admit it..don't want to get it. I do not understand why others would care how many articles on food are in any magazine. If they don't like articles about food...don't read articles about food. Like changing channels.

I liked your costume...very cute cakegrrl. I am looking forward to eating (yes, I said it) what you bring to the potluck.

See you soon!!

Jennifer said...

That's a cute costume! I forgot my camera and forgot to take pictures of my little Darth Vader! LOL!

I'm going to be redoing my chili soon too. I think I have it figured out and hopefully this next time it will be better!

cakegrrl said...

I think people are more interested than ever in reading about food preparation, restaurants, and cookbooks.
Especially retired people who have time to go to lunches, take cooking classes, shop at food specialty stores (I usually only have time to go to one or two places for groceries so I never get to Sellands or David Berkley. I guess my publisher and I don't have the same opinion. I'm not going to argue because he writes my check. From now on, less food more whatever else I can fill space with. I just won't be writing much besides my column. ;)

mynameisandre said...

Nice pix (it was fun to see my pasta salad among them), very cute costume (I went to Evangeline's too, so no judgement from me!), and delicious chili! Worth falling off the vegetarian wagon to taste it. Hope to see you sometime soon...

cakegrrl said...

It was nice to meet you, too. :)
There's a pic of us on Linkup, and it looks like I am totally yelling at you... Ha... Glad you liked the chili.