Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The tip-off at Center Court...

I will start off by saying it was really neat to be there. I was surrounded by Kings players and other basketball celebrities. The outdoor seating area is very nice, but it's almost too cold now to really enjoy. The food was ok, but I don't feel like what we had is reflective of what they are actually going to serve... because everything last night was complimentary... so of course they are not going to sample the bigger dishes. I almost wish it had been that way last night though. Little samplers that we could pay for. I did enjoy the mini "sliders" they served. They were very much like White Castles. I had four drinks. I am pretty ashamed of that actually. I hardly ever drink that much anymore. It is very hard to limit oneself when the waitstaff (another highlight of last night) makes sure you always have a beverage in your hand. I would like to point out that I did NOT drive. :)

I have to say, Mike Bibby wears the prettiest diamond earrings I have ever seen and he is shorter than I thought he would be...

The garlic fries are so-so. They were served in those paper cones, not sure if they will be that way after last night...They might just come on the plate. The signature drink is Hennessey and pineapple juice. Not bad, but I couldn't drink more than a few sips. I am not a cognac person... ;)

I had 3 glasses of wine (2 of the house pinots, and a Ravenswood zinfandel) and a vanilla vodka and diet coke with a cherry. Shame on me...
Here are some of the bad pics I promised.

My Plate

LU's Plate

Hennessy and Pineapple Juice

Diet Coke, Vanilla Vodka with a Cherry

Look at the shoulders on that guy!

Ice Statue

some blonde bimbo...

I took more pics, but they are almost all bad/blurry. Also, the food was buffet style, and it doesn't lend to being photographed well anyway. LU says the ribs were delicious, and I had a bite of pork quesadilla that was tasty as well. We had a great time...everyone was so friendly. C-Webb's mom was even there and LU asked if she would be back in the kitchen. She laughed and said "thank heavens, no". It was really cool to see that his family and closest friends were out supporting him.


Jennifer said...

Ooh pineapple juice and hennessey!!! Nice!

amypatrick said...

I plead the fifth...A fifth of Henny! Holla!