Friday, April 06, 2007

Laughing Out Loud

I really enjoyed my evening at Laughs Unlimited last night. I saw three comedians and was treated to friendly and accomodating service! I had always wanted to check out the place, but never got around to it. While everyone else was snarfing cheesecake, cookies, and sheet cake, I ordered a house salad and salsa. Don't worry, I drank my calories. :-O Oh nooo...

Jewel (Lodi, not Kilcher) was there and they were pouring three wines: their 2005 Un-Oaked Chardonnay, their 2004 Firma (red table blend--primarily Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, & Sangiovese), and their 2003 Zinfandel. All sold at a retail price point of $9.99. My thoughts are as their marketing tagline suggests "The perfect wine for your everyday good times." I would recommend this wine if you are throwing a party and need to buy a wine in a large quantity. This is not a wine to buy if you are looking to add to the cellar. :) I give the winery credit for NOT claiming to be Chateau Lafitte.

The perfect wine for your everyday good times...

I am defintely returning to the comedy club soon, because it was a very enjoyable evening and it was not at all expensive. I took a gander at the wine selection, and it was pretty skimpy. I am glad Jewel was there for the evening. They do have a full bar and an average selection of beers. No Amstel Light, though... :(
There was a flyer on Jewel's table for the Lodi Zin Fest, and I am thinking of going to that. Anyone who has read this blog is fully aware that Zin is my favorite and I missed the SF Zin event, so I need to catch this one!!

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