Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This website has some good suggestions for everyday options when dining out. What is interesting about it is that it is broken down by cuisine! On each page the items on the right are more healthful than the items on the left, such as: Instead of, stick to:

This would probably be most helpful to a person who is just beginning on a diet or has no clue what to eat to aid weightloss, but I think it's a great start.

The American Heart Association has also launched "My Fat Translator", which shows the amount of fat (even a breakdown of good and bad fats) that is needed in one's diet on a daily basis.

There is also a partner program called "Choose to Move" that is tracking the fitness of seven different women. Each woman has a blog with their weight, BMI and their fitness goals.

Lastly, Start! Walking at Work Day is April 25th. Trust me, I have already started. I try to walk before work and during lunch. The only thing I really hate about my job is that I sit all the time. To occupy myself on my walks, I listen to podcasts of my favorite radio shows, and about four different food podcasts and a wine podcast. Here are some of my favorites: The Splendid Table, KCRW's Good Food, NPR Food, Three Wine Guys, and so happy the boys from Gastrologica are back!

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