Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Tails Bake Sale!

A few days ago I was approached by my friend C to help promote the Happy Tails Bake Sale and to see if I would bake some items for the sale. Happy Tails is a no-kill animal sanctuary located in East Sacramento, and they have two bake sales a year to raise funds. I quickly agreed to help, and then asked Garrett if he would also lend a hand. He is going to be donating some delicious cupcakes and signing them! I will be doing some sort of cookie--possibly homemade ANIMAL crackers with chocolate and sprinkles. At any rate, they are going to be pet or animal-themed. I am also thinking of making some pet treats to donate because of the recent pet food recall and the lack of safe food for critters on store shelves. If there is anyone who'd like to join my efforts, I will be dropping off my treats along with Garrett's on June 6th to the bake sale manager to be sold on June 7th. Please contact me at cakegrrl(no space)2007 @ g(nospace)mail dot com if you would like to donate anything, and I will send you more information (they are asking that items be wrapped individually, etc). Below is the flyer with more details.

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