Friday, June 22, 2007


I saw this movie last night at a sneak in Roseville. I am not supposed to write about it until the release date, but I have to say it is completely ADORABLE! If you have kids, know kids, are a kid at heart or have a passion for food, you should definitely catch it. Release date is June 29th!

Before the movie, I visited Serritella's in Carmichael. I had been warned to stay away, but the place is under new ownership and I actually really enjoyed my meal there. The only downfall was that one entree arrived 15-20 minutes to the table after the other. I felt sorry for my dining companion...the polenta and sausage was tardy and after trying it, it is just not something I would order for myself. I felt as if it didn't have a real base. Base as in bass. Like a bottom note. It was just heavy...And it is summer. My broccoli pizza was great, though.

The house chianti is good. I liked it better than the Ravenswood zin they have on the wine list. No primitivo, so I had to go with the chianti. :)

I have pics, but I don't have time to download right now. I know you all love my crappy photos (inside joke), so maybe they'll pop up later if you are lucky--with a little more about the Serritella's meal.


Jennifer said...

My daughter is dying to see that movie! We really don't go out to movies becuase it's too expensive, but I am planning on going to see Rob Zombie's Halloween when it comes out after August 31st! LOL!!!

What is Curry? said...

First time here and love the way you talk abt food...