Monday, June 04, 2007

Um, I think I'll Pass...(A personal aside)

Recently, Charles Stuart Platkin (aka The Diet Detective), did an investigative study to find the number of calories in the nine-course meal at Thomas Keller's Per Se. He and his wife snuck everything that was served into plastic containers and then had it tested in a lab. He found that with wine and a few dessert chocolates thrown in, TK's creations clocked in at around 3,400!! Do I need to even say that 3,500 calories = 1 pound? So I am going to pay $240 to gain a pound in one sitting? I have to run 40 miles just to burn that much (currently, that is worth a 4 or 5 day workout--since I do about 8 miles a day running/walking on average).

3,400 calories is my intake for 2 1/2 to 3 DAYS, not ONE meal. I really consider myself to be very into good food and a fan of nice restaurants, but I would really have issues spending that much on ONE meal, and eating that MUCH in one sitting, unless I knew I was going to be on the next episode of Survivor. NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING tastes good enough to me that is worth my thighs rubbing together again... Sorry, TK! :)

I finally weighed in after months of avoiding the scale... a buck ten (I am up just a little, but I was terrified it was going to be more)...overall, I am proud to have maintained this 40 pound loss (um, weight of a small child) for 4 years now.

I guess I am posting about this now because I was basically attacked with personal and intrusive diet questions during a recent interview for our city's major newspaper--and I am still sort of reeling from it. I will stop there, because the piece turned out positively (for the most part, that is).

I was told recently that once I reached 40, I wouldn't care so much, but I think I always will. As much as I love baking/cooking/eating, I highly value not letting my body go to h*ll... :) I was also told that I am missing out on the deliciousness of life--this made me a little sad that someone would see me this way-– I highly disagree. The deliciousness for me is more in how I can please other people with my food and how I can use my cooking/baking to help worthy causes. It tastes much better to me to hear, "That's the best cake I have ever eaten, KD, thank you." than to actually have a piece of it for myself.

That is all...


Anonymous said...

Being 54, and one who has let her body "go to hell" I have a few observations.

I cared at 40 but that is the time I noticed that I put weight on easier and it was much harder to take off. Perimenopuase was the culprit then. I kept my weight down until I hit about age 48 or 49..when menopause kicked in and I had to work my ass off for two weeks just to stay "at my goal wgt". I finally just said, bleh.

My doctor recently said to me (she used to be fat like me but then got into triathalons and looks great) "Mel, it's about being healthy. I have thin patients who are not healthy". She encouraged me to get back to the gym because exercise is great for decreasing depression..which I have been prone to all of my life.

When I am happy I eat, when I am sad I eat, and I love to cook, feed others, and feed me. I guess I need a new hobby.

You must have some heavy duty will power girrl!

I'd gain a lb for the chance to eat at TK's! Well, that's a given.

cakegrrl2007 said...

Thanks for your comment, M. I was concerned people would take this post the wrong way.

I do not think my lifestyle is for everyone. I wish I cared about poundage a little less. :)

I guess the TK thing is "once in a lifetime"... but I don't know... I still have trouble spending that much at a time on MYSELF for one meal--mainly because I would live with double guilt. I would truly be uncomfortable the entire meal. I wish I wasn't programmed that way sometimes. I certainly don't judge others for going to the FL... it's been a destination of great happiness to many people! :)

Anonymous said...

I went in January to FL for the first time and it was worth every penny and every calorie. BTW its $240 just to get in the door. Its a lot more to get out.

Once I recovered from the sticker shock I looked at the amount as equal to one car payment. I choose not to have car payments -- so then it was not so bad.

But then I started rationalzing that if I walked everywhere I could afford to eat there once a month.

It truly is special and amazing.