Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ice Cream Relay

I was invited to the zoo yesterday to watch the Zookeeper's Ice Cream Relay. Ridiculous? Yes. Did the kids enjoy it, though? Absolutely.

Here is the course. Participants were taped at the knees in some sort of raincoat outfit. Then they ran and got a scoop (utensil) out of a vat of water. Then they ran to another station to scoop the ice cream, then ran in a zig zag fashion through the course to drop the scoop into a dog bowl of some sort. Then on to another station to top their scoop with seaweed (which they had to pick up with tongs using their mouth... niiice...) then, they had to fish out a Swedish Fish from a kiddie pool (imagine how many google hits this blog is going to get from that phrase!!) and place the candy on top of the scoop... then finally slide the bowl down a slip and slide and throw cool whip on the top of it before the next zookeeper was tagged in the relay. Whew! Did you follow that?

Here are the awards for the winners. "Scoopys"

Here are the starving children who were probably just in it for the ice cream at the end. Ha!

Here are the sundae fixins they were waiting for...

Here is what happens when you are in the trajectory of flying ice cream. :)

This weekend I will return to the zoo for the Ice Cream Safari to supervise the face painting. Fun!! Come by and see me!

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