Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Pictures from the Cajun Dinner

This is what I made for drinks. A kind of scaled down "hurricane". Used light rum and the Fuse tropical punch with ice and citrus juice.

Here are the crabcakes with roasted red pepper sauce I made. I also stuffed some of the crabcake filling in some mushroom tops, but failed to snap a "sylvalicious" photo.

Here is a shot of the Jambalaya sushi I prepared. It is composed of dirty short grain rice, jambalaya sauce (recipe to follow, mabes), tuna fillet that had been simmered in the sauce, vegetarian spicy sausage (serves as the andouille element). The nori reminds me of alligator skin! The sauce is a bit more of the roasted red pepper sauce. I love rolling sushi and I love cajun food. I wanted to combine the two and it worked pretty well.

Here is another shot of the ridiculously chocolate (also obnoxiously gaudy) cake I made. It is decorated like a float on Mardi Gras. Over the top just like New Orleans kind of is. It reads "Laissez Lez Bons Temps Rouler..." or "Let the Good Times, Roll". :)

Here is a shot of the inside of the cake. The middle layer is fudge brownie. I am happy because the person of honor (who turned 41) told me: "K, This is the best frosting I have ever had."
Mission accomplished. :) Happy birthday, SM!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You always know how to make me salivate.

It's like I've been drafted into the Salivation Army!

-random weyland

cakegrrl2007 said...

Awww... such nice words... thanks. :)