Sunday, July 29, 2007

Terror Aboard the Delta King!!

A lovely brunch almost turned into my last meal on Earth!!! Yep, I almost bought it on the Delta King, choking on a piece of chicken. Niiice. To celebrate my survival, I downed three mimosas in about 15 minutes. I can say that although my makeup ran a bit, (what with all the tears streaming down my face from gagging relentlessly with fear to try and free the bit of poultry) my hair looked perfect when I returned to the table! I love my new Brittany. Gotta get her in blonde now, too. :) Thanks to my date for being such a good sport! Ha.

Lesson: If you have teeth, USE THEM. CHEW YOUR FOOD PROPERLY. YOU WILL feel SILLY almost choking to death in front of someone you are trying to charm... *sigh*

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