Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Love You, Mr. Squash...

So, although I am on a diet, ugh! I have no intention of shutting this blog down or ceasing to write about food.

I am sure it's the chill in the air that made me get up this morning and bake a squash for breakfast. (425 for like 25 minutes, then scorch under the broiler for a bit). It might sound a little strange, but I actually love it cut up, skin still on, and almost burnt in the oven. It gets very sweet and a little crunchy on the edges. It's amazing how sweet even a vegetable can taste if you haven't eaten corn syrup or sugar in a week or two and when you allow natural sugars to caramelize.

So, since butternut squash is so filling, yet still somehow low cal, I had squash for breakfast, as well as for dinner (if that's what you want to call it) last night. And I haven't even mentioned the onion chips I made. Purple onions have been my favorite since AM since introduced them to me in Persian food when I first moved here. I cut up half an onion, and threw it in with the squash. They get almost crumbly... you have to take them out about halfway before the squash is done or the chips turn black.

I had the squash fries with sea salt this morning (I can't do savory in the morning for some reason), but last night I made my mock ketchup with the addition of: Roasted Red Pepper! to have with the fries (sorry about the red pepper, KR aka BFF in Sac)... I put the roasted red pepper in the blender and pureed it... adding only 20 calories to my ketchup, but lots of depth and great flavor!

Does anyone have an aversion to savory food in the morning? I am always craving sweets because of my low blood sugar I am sure. I NEVER make omelets, even though that would be a lovely option... something with spinach and homemade yogurt cheese on top. I am having trouble incorporating things like oatmeal and cereal in my diet, because I tend to want to OVEREAT those things. I am trying to STICK to portions and be a GOOD girl.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning MissCake

Ewe I likes me a little squash myself...yum.

Squash fries sound oh so good. Fill me in please.

Oh and wooo hooo on the BEE! That jam has my mouth watering.