Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Product Review: Aria Protein POWder!

I want to tell you all how much I really love Aria Protein Powder. I found it at Trader Joe's last week for $9.99. It is specifically designed to be lower calorie, but still contain a high amount of protein per serving. 2 scoops of the product only contains 80 calories, but has 14g of protein (only 4g of carbohydrates)!

Here's what I made for breakfast this morning... It was extremely delicious, but I think the secret is using the vanilla beans and not an extract.

Very Vanilla Bean Shake
1 1/2 scoops of Aria: Nutritional Drink Mixes: Women's Protein, dry mix
40 g of Dannon: Yogurts: Light 'n Fit, Non-Fat, Vanilla
1 cup (8.1 fl.oz) of Blue Diamond: Nut Drinks: Almond Breeze, Unsweetened, Original*
20 g of Cream Cheese: Fat-Free
1/2 pod of vanilla beans
2 teaspoons sf ff white chocolate (or vanilla, or cheesecake) jello mix
2-3 packets sweetener of your choice
Warm water or extra almond milk (adds calories, though) to blend...

Special Note:
You must freeze almond milk in cubes the night before. :)
Pulse all ingredients until smooth.

This is lovely by itself or with 1/2 cup-1 cup of your favorite fruit. It is most helpful to the success of your milkshake if the fruit is frozen prior so that it keeps a thick texture.

Total: 159 calories, 4g fat, 16.3g protein, 13.6g carb, 2.5g sugar, 3.2g fiber

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