Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mo Paul = Good times.

Paul Martin's American Bistro, the Rematch!
So somehow, I talked my guest (aforementionhotguy) from my first visit to Paul Martin's American Bistro into coming back for my second visit.

I was so impressed with the improvement of PM's from my first visit, that I decided to write the restaurant into my "real" column for work (for the December issue):

There’s a brand new restaurant poised to please the palates of Sacramento diners! October 29th marked the opening of Paul Martin’s American Bistro, located in Roseville at Stone Point/Rocky Ridge & Eureka Road. The restaurant was founded by Brian Bennett and Executive Chef Peter Serantoni, and is financially backed by Paul Fleming of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro. Head Chef is Scott Rose (previously employed by the Paragary Restaurant Group).

The concept of the restaurant’s cuisine is elegant, yet simple preparation of seasonal and mostly local ingredients. Imagine if the subjects of American Gothic decided to fashion themselves modern clothing and jump out of their painting to spend a night on the town. (They’d also decide to wear a smile for the night.) I think the couple would select a bistro like Paul Martin’s.

The dishes presented at this eatery are a perfect blend of bucolic and contemporary. Some current menu items include Cedar Plank Salmon baked with shallots and bacon, sauteed spinach, crimini mushroom jus ($17.95), a mesquite-grilled Tuna, with tomato-olive salsa and green & yellow beans ($21.95), and a Mushroom Burger prepared with crimini, portobello, and shiitake mushrooms, and served with pesto aioli and onion marmalade ($12.95). Dessert selections include a Devil’s Food Cake with Vanilla Whipped Cream and Sour Cherries ($6.75), and a Banana Cream Pie with chocolate, bananas, and fresh whipped cream ($5.75).

There are approximately 50 wines by the glass, (mostly California wines produced by many small artisan and organic vintners who uphold sustainable practices). Artisan domestic beers and some local distilled spirits are also available. Upholding their fresh and seasonal theme, there are house-made infusions available at the bar.

The interior is evocative of an urban loft design and accented with soft lighting, exposed brick walls and a liberal use of wooden and leather furnishings.

The wait staff are very hospitable (lots of smiles and eye contact), knowledgeable (answer questions regarding menu ingredients), and aim to please any request. They are obviously happy and excited to serve their customers food they have tasted before and find delicious. They also are likely to recommend their favorite dishes, (which can be very helpful when there is so much to choose from). This was even the case when I asked the valet what he liked best on my way out of the restaurant that evening. He smiled and replied, “Definitely the Short Ribs!” (On the menu as braised, with mashed potatoes, horseradish cream and beef jus.)

If you haven’t made it into Paul Martin’s, you can book a table at or call the restaurant at (916) 783-3600. They are open for lunch on Sun–Sat, 11am–3pm, and for dinner Sun–Thurs 3pm–10pm, Fri & Sat from 3pm–11pm. To see a wine list and full menu you can go to their website at

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Madeline said...

Glad it was so much better the second time. I think it will do very well in Roseville. The soccer moms are into the organic thing these days.