Friday, November 30, 2007

Pour Some Syrup on Mehhh....

Today I have some spare time so I want to tell you all about my dealer. Sigh... My syrup dealer. They help me add flavor to my life. We all need a little more flavor, you know. By flavor, I do not mean Flavor, but flavor. Keeps things interesting.

They have a few new syrups that are really going to make your bevvys have more flavor than anyone else on the block:

1. DaVinci's Sugar Free Eggnog Syrup. OMG. So, here's what you do. Get the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, add 1oz. of the syrup, and your favorite bourbon or spiced rum. No Sugar Nog. Haaay now, don't forget the nutmeg.

uh. noggalicious.

2. Torani Sugar Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon: How come you taste so good? You can add a little of this super yum syrup to Libby's Canned Pumpkin, along with some No Sugar Added Fat Free Caramel Toffee Crunch. Pumpkin Pie Shake My Hand Please.
I have this concoction quite often for breakfast, but instead of snarfing ice cream in the morning, I add 30 grams of fat free cream cheese and 1/2 scoop of Aria Protein Powder to the shake. Top with Sugar Free Cool Whip or Fat Free Reddi Whip if you like the canned whippage a little better

torani = adds no flab to the fanny.

3. Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Add this syrup to your coffee with a little mint extract. By a little, I mean a DROP of mint extract. A little goes a long way, lest your drink taste like chewing gum. (We do not want that. Bleh). To step it up a little, or to get your spike on, you can pour in some of my favorite monk Frangelico, or a little Kahlua. I have seen the bottle of it in your refrigerator/cupboard waiting and waiting to be used. It's officially cold enough outside to break out the Kahlua*. You have my permission.
*We will also use it later when I make my Kahlua Toffee Chip Truffles in a few weeks. That is if I get out the pitchfork. I am really in shape now and I don't want to mess that up. I am sure you all understand. ;)

So, all the syrups can be purchased at Syrup 2 U... and the best thing about it that you can call them and then have them mailed to you or pick them up. They are right off business 80 (the Cal Expo exit) and right on the way to the mall--if you do the Cal Expo park and shop thing. Just and FYI, they close at 4:30pm. The people there are really terrific and if what you want is in stock they will pull it for you the day you call and have it waiting. This company also supplies many tasty coffee drink and smoothie mixes--and fixins for delicious sundaes, like sauces made by Ghirardelli.

Big dinner party on Sunday. I will be taking pics and taking names...
No snaps from Best of Sac. Was having fun with mihombrecaliente and me snapping pics with my Sylvacam is a hassle to me. Waaaah.... More on BofS later, mabes. But this post is all about the syrup. ;)

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