Monday, March 10, 2008

Cupcake Craving

Thank you, Cupcake Craving. You saved my tail on my boyfriend's birthday by having German Chocolate cupcakes in your case.

Even though I am sick of the cupcake hysteria, you are a cute and welcome addition to the Arden area and I hope you continue your success. Wrote this little piece for the April issue of the magazine:

In the 1960’s German Economist, Minister and Chancellor Ludwig Erhard stated, “Compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.” Fast-forward to 2008, and in the culinary world, dividing cake with a knife is decidedly passé. The individual cupcake is the latest fashion!

Cupcakes began their trend a few years back, but now they’re making the transition to staple of the local sweet-shop scene. It’s not hard to understand their appeal: They’re cute, affordable, and easy to transport. They are ideal for any celebration and perfect for large parties when a cake must be served quickly, as the portions are uniform and there is no cutting necessary.

Last October, Three partners––Michael “Jake” Jacobsen, David “Gordy” Cisneros, and Eileen Peebles––opened Cupcake Craving in the Howe ‘Bout Arden shopping complex. Already, the bakery (which is focused solely on cupcake production) is proving that it has become “a happy little habit,” (the store’s slogan) in the Sacramento area.

Daily, there are about 16 varieties baked, decorated and lined up beautifully on trays in the display case that beckons visitors as soon as they step inside the shop. Some of the flavors include “mocha madness,” “chocolate fix,” “s’mores galore,” “mint meltdown” and “lemon boost’, but what might interest Senior Magazine readers even more is that Cupcake Craving offers four delicious sugar-free flavors for those on a sugar-restricted diet. Now everyone can indulge in the cupcake craze! The flavors are Sugar Free Lemon Boost, Sugar Free Vanilla Cheer, Sugar Free Chocolate Cheer, Sugar Free Mint Cheer, and Sugar Free Cherry Cheer. The shop plans to expand the sugar free flavors available once there is more of a demand for them.

Cupcake Craving has also shared their beautiful treats at large events. Recently, they provided 835 cupcakes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the Winter Wine & Food Fest (complete with the Make-A-Wish logo) for their live auction attendees. They were also a vendor at the event. They have the ability to personalize cupcakes with designs, logos and pictures and to decorate their cupcakes in the same manner as a traditional-sized cake.

With two professional bakers on staff, they can bake off 525 of their regular-sized cupcakes every 25 minutes in their oven. They also make their cupcakes in a mini size for those who either want to taste a greater variety in one sitting or want to limit their portion size (the same flavors are available as the regular-sized).

Cupcake Craving is also in the process of getting their Kashrut Certificate to be a kosher bakery.

Eileen Peebles (one of Cupcake Craving’s owners) says, “We hope that folks will think of us when they crave a sweet for the day and when they need dessert for special occasions.”

For Senior Magazine readers with sugar-restricted diets, Cupcake Craving is a sweet compromise!

You can find Cupcake Craving’s full menu and more information by going to or you can call the store at (916) 923-5995. There is free delivery when you order two dozen or more gourmet cupcakes. Cupcake Craving is open 7am–9pm. Monday through Friday, 7am–6pm. Saturdays, 10am–8pm. Sundays, 10am–6pm.

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