Friday, August 22, 2008

Hawk's Eye View

I attended the First Birthday Celebration at Hawks last Thursday, but I am not sure I can tell you what their food is even like based on my experience. I enjoyed the evening and the ambience, and the restaurant is a lovely and desirable place to be, but most of the food I had is what you see below. On a high note, I ran into Garrett of Vanilla Garlic and he was as sweet as ever…

On to the food: The only other two "dishes" I tried that the restaurant serves on a normal basis where the "green bean beignets" and the "short rib sliders". I was underwhelmed by the beignets, but thought the sliders were quite good. I suppose the evening had an identity crisis for me because it was also supposed to be a fundraiser; but then they were still open for normal business and serving regular customers inside at tables. Most of the specialty cocktails (which if I wished to use one of my two drink tickets to purchase) I was forced to select, were too sweet. I ended up choosing a (peach) bellini for my second drink, but requesting that he leave out the peach. I was very pleased with the prosecco by itself, so my thanks/kudos to the bartender.

Fruit plate complete with red and golden raspberries. Haven't had the goldens since this time last year at Patrick's Berry Farm.

Delightful cheese plate. Brie, parmesan, gorgonzola, and a variety of several others. Figs jeweled the plate. Yuummm…

Array of truffles and candies I am not sure if Hawks makes on a regular basis, or if they bought them from somewhere and served them for the evening.

The bread that was served with the cheese plate. It was multigrain and studded with walnuts.

Here is the cake that nobody was allowed to eat... well, maybe until the end. ;)
I cut out of the Hawks bash early to attend an event later that evening.

So, I want to like Hawks. I can see our potential. Maybe we just need to go on a second date when can spend quality time together…

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