Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mavericky Delicious "Moose" Sliders

Mavericky Delicious "Moose" Sliders

Moose Meat
1 1/2 pounds ground meat
(use any of God's ground critters--ones with higher fat content work best here)
soy sauce (can use Worcestershire if you like)
chopped garlic (the glass jar kind that has juice in it…)
tomato sauce
Salt and freshly ground pepper
cheese, shredded or thin, small squares

Mix meat, maybe a Tbs of soy, a bit of parsley, 1 Tbs garlic, 1/4 tomato sauce or marinara--whatever you have on hand--I had some leftover Newman's own YUM. Salt and pepper. Mix with hands. Get in there. ;) Then form into small patties. Grill. Place on lined cookie sheet and top with little slices of sharp cheddar cheese. I found a really delicious swiss/cheddar blend. Place in the oven briefly to melt cheese. I did this to keep them warm. You can also melt the cheese while they are on the grill.

Caaarrrrmelized Onions:
red onions
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
Slice onions. Saute in olive oil, then splash with balsamic vinegar. Keep them on low heat until very browned and caarrrmelized.

black truffle oil
bread or mini buns
chopped garlic or garlic powder

For the bread, I split some hoagie rolls and brushed them with melted butter, black truffle oil, and garlic with some salt in the mix, too. Then I toasted the rolls until they were a little crusty. Just like John. *wink*

Build the sliders with the buns and top with the carmelized onions. Use a skewer to secure. Serve to hungry voters.

Here I am in costume, discussing prop 8 with a "woman" named "Gloria".

Also, I won the scariest costume award at the party. Now, why do you suppose that is?

I find it interesting that someone can be so hated just because it is "cool" to be against her. Maybe I was imitating her? You know the saying, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"? :) I am not swept up in all the hype that is the Obamathon. I don't get it. Anyway.... :)

I will tell you one thing "my friends": Sarah really knows how to move on the dance floor.


Anonymous said...

what a ditsy comment. She is not hated - I do not believe, but she does exude it. She is a hatemonger. Just have to listen, and not even that carefully. Of course none of this matters as Obama is the next president of the US. OPEN your mind to that and quit your hating.

cakegrrl said...

I do not hate anyone… you are the one that left a hateful comment.

Obama might be the next president, but all the gloating will cease when the people who voted for him realize he is not the superhero he makes himself out to be. I feel bad for him because it will be nearly impossible to meet the expectations of his flock.

Sarah Palin is not a hate monger. That statement is just ridiculous…

"anony" Next time you want to make a statement, you should have the guts to leave your name.

Anonymous said...

Not a hateful message at all, but I understand for you and the rest of the braindead REP FLOCK, the truth hurts.

DID you feel the same way when Bush was elected? Were you so enamored of him? AND now are you still, despite the fact that he was no superhero??? Despite the fact that he lied to us all? Despite the fact that we are in a war that is wrong and all these lives have been lost?

How could you not want a change? That to me is scary. Very scary. Also, does not say much for you as a person.

cakegrrl2007 said...

I am not a fan of Bush and I am not sure where you are getting that. Your second paragraph doesn't even pertain to me, or this post... it's just a partisan rant.
Of course I want a change. Either candidate would have been a welcome change to the current administration.
Also, thanks for calling me braindead. Name calling is so easy when you are doing it anonymously.
I like knowing where I stand with you at least. That I am not much of a person. Nice assessment just because I don't agree with you politically.