Monday, February 09, 2009

Pizza Hut: "The Natural" &
Tuscani Pastas: Lasagna

"The Natural" pizza at Pizza Hut consists of the following: a multi-grain crust, a flavorful pizza sauce made from organic tomatoes and then they top the whole thing off with handfuls of all natural mozzarella cheese. You can choose to top the pizza off with other natural ingredients such as natural chicken sausage, natural marinated sliced tomatoes or natural fire-roasted peppers.

The Natural comes in three flavors: Cheese, Natural Pepperoni, and The Rustica, a blend of all-natural sausage, fire-roasted red peppers, and marinated Roma tomatoes. We sampled the Rustica. I thought the pizza was good because it was not as greasy as a typical pie from Pizza Hut.

However, I would not purchase this pizza for organic concerns/health reasons alone. If I am keeping track of calories, fat grams, fresh ingredients, I make a pizza myself at home. I sometimes splurge on Pizza Hut pizza because I LOVE the pan, thick crust, buttery greasy style that I shouldn't even be eating. Sometime I would like to try the brand they have for sale called "Fit N Delicious".

Round two of the pizza hut meal was a portion of their new Tuscani Pasta. We chose to try the lasagna. It came in a pizza style box, and was about an inch thick. I was surprised, because the lasagna that I make is about 4 inches thick. Ha!

I thought the lasagna was tasty enough... and if you are having a craving, but don't feel like spending an hour prepping and then another hour while your dinner bakes, the Pizza Hut lasa is way better than a frozen entreé lasa from the grocery store. Also, it is much easier to just pick up the phone and have it delivered to your door. An order of the lasa also comes with five breadsticks. I would estimate the dish would serve 2-3 if that is all you were eating. If you were also having pizza, then it would serve 4-6.

For the nutritional content of above products, for more information, or to order, you can go to the Pizza Hut web site here.

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amypatrick said...

We don't have the Hut in delivery style here. But, I feel like if Sadie was older it would make my list for the lack of HFCS. That is the big thing in our house. It is really hard to stop the flow of it in your veins. But, we usually do flat crust brick-oven stuff from non-chains and that is a teensy bit better in the bad stuff game.