Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Funtastic Play Centers Grand Opening this Sunday, July 26th! FREE admission for kids!

Beat the heat and join Funtastic Play Centers in Natomas this Sunday, July 26th from 10am-4pm for their Grand Opening! FREE playtime for kids! The first 10 children get a FREE t-shirt.

Funtastic Play Centers is located at 4421 Gateway Park Blvd #130 in Natomas. Their phone number is (916) 263-9900.

Funtastic Play Centers owners Richard and Jennifer are proud to announce their grand opening along with the transition to using all Green products such as cleaning supplies and paper products in the restrooms. These products are provided by a local janitorial supply company called JaniGreen. JaniGreen Cleaning Supplies and Green Solutions is an owner operated janitorial supply company committed to the advancement of Green Cleaning and Green Cleaning product education.

Richard and Jennifer made the commitment to go Green after expressing how important it was to keep toxic chemical cleaners away from their customers, and choosing paper products that made less of a negative impact on the environment. All the products used in the daily cleaning of Funtastic Play Centers from now on will be Green Seal Certified. The paper towels and toilet paper at Funtastic will be 100% recycled paper and also Green Seal Certified.

Hope to see you & your children at this fun & free for all event!


Madeline said...

Thanks for letting us know about this place, Kristy! I hadn't heard it would be opening and am always looking for places to take Darcy to play indoors (and for me to get out of the house).

cakegrrl said...

No problem, Madeline. I think this is a great place for parents to take their kids especially if it is too hot or too cold outside for them to play. I think there is a location coming to Roseville too, but I am not sure on that.