Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Discussing "The Importance of Blogging" at Zócalo

Last Monday, I was asked to speak at Zócalo Restaurant in midtown Sacramento. I, along with Emily Cooper and Mona Romero of Sacramento Press discussed social media, Facebook, Twitter, and the importance of blogging.

Manager Noé Hernandez gathered about 20 of his employees (mostly servers) for the discussion, and we tasted a few wines during the talk. I chose the Ceja Sauvignon Blanc. (It would pair well with the ceviche on their dinner menu.)

As part of an effort to engage customers and make Zócalo an interactive and community destination, restaurant, and dining experience, they have redesigned their website to feature a blog, twitter updates, and a flickr album for photos from special events.

As icing on the cake (literally) I brought treats to the Zócalo employees, who were very gracious and attentive (as well as having a lot of great questions) during the presentation. They were mini-brownies with Hazelnut Buttercream.

You can follow Zócalo on twitter here, and become a fan on Facebook here.

Thanks to Zócalo and Sacramento Press for asking me to be part of their conference!

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Marko said...

Cool post! I like what your doing. I have a little blog in which I just post little blurbs about the things I like, find, or see in Midtown. Look forward to following you on Twitter!