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2 for $20 Tuesday & Wednesdays, $6.99 Lunches, Tequila Tasting, & Fundraising–All at Zócalo!!

Last week CC & I visited Zócalo twice. I could get used to eating there twice a week! The first time we went to check out the 2 for $20 deal last Tuesday (also offered Wednesday) night, and the second time to attend the Haiti fundraiser last Thursday night.

So first, I will explain the awesome 2 for $20 deal (available Tuesday and Wednesday evenings). You get a ton of food. Below is a sample set up, but here is the complete menu from which you can choose.

What you get in the 2 for $20 deal at Zócalo:

Pictured, 1 appetizer: The gorditas (masa pockets, shredded beef, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, crema and queso fresco). 2 entrees: A taco plate, and an enchilada plate with sides. 1 dessert: The (deadly) brownie con nieve (chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream with Old Soul Coffee sauce). All for $20 bucks.

Also on Tuesday evening, we met Guillermo Sauza (a fifth-generation Sauza family member) and enjoyed a flight of his tequilas, called Fortaleza, which he produces using traditional techniques. His tequila is made using traditions established centuries ago, from 100% stone milled agave, entirely produced on their estate. You can read more about the tequila production and Forteleza here.

From left to right is the Blanco, Reposado, and the Añejo. It was interesting to smell and taste the differences between each tequila. If you haven't tried Guillermo's brand, you can find them at Zócalo and Más (in Roseville).

The mariachi band played and sang for all. I had not heard a mariachi band since my last meal (a few years ago) at Ernesto's (same ownership as Zócalo as most of you know).

At Zócalo, the traditional beginning of meal tortilla chips are served with a little more flare: 3 different accompaniments, including a black bean (my favorite).

Below are some other things we tried collectively on the Tues and Thursday evenings we came to the restaurant (not necessarily a part of the 2 for $20 deal, but necessary for you to try sometime!!):

Avocado is one of my favorite foods, so I ordered the guacamole to eat on my salad, on top of one of the corn tortillas, and yes, straight on with a spoon. *sigh* ;)

We ordered the ceviche de guaymas with fish & shrimp, lime and finely diced pico de gallo with avocado and cucumber as an appetizer, though I was well into eating the guacamole like soup...

For dinner, I ordered the chicken avocado salad with mixed greens, grilled chicken, avocado slices, tomato, carrot, red onion, queso fresco and ranch dressing.

CC chose the stockyard skirt steak with garlic crusted red potatoes (papas rojas) and served with housemade corn tortillas. The entree also comes with black beans and cilantro rice. I loved the tortillas so much, I had one for my dessert (yes, with guacamole on it) instead of diving into the brownie with ice cream.

That is what CC had for dessert. The brownie con nieve is a chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream with Old Soul Coffee sauce. The brownie portion is very large (large cupcake size) and the dessert is so rich and delectable.

Which leads me to report that many things such as the corn tortillas and desserts are now housemade. You can read about the head chef at Zócalo, Ryan Rose, in my "Hail to the Chef" post from a while back.

Last Thursday evening, we joined many Zócalo patrons as well as Mayor Kevin Johnson for an event to benefit Haiti (through the World Vision organization).

Customers lined the bar counter stools, and enjoyed live music by Innersoul and happy hour specials all night long.

I donated 2 sets of 2 dozen mini dulce de leche cupcakes to the silent auction to help raise money.

I think both platters fetched over $50, so I am pleased I could help. Auction items were also donated by Sacramento Press and Zócalo.

Zócalo also offers a $6.99 Lunch Special Menu, available Monday–Friday 11am–4pm with seven different selections (from masa cake to quesadillas to tacos) all served with refried black beans and Mexican red rice.

You can become a fan of Zócalo on Facebook or follow them on twitter here. In addition, the kitchen staff and managers at Zócalo have been blogging about all the latest events on their homepage here.

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