Thursday, February 18, 2010

2nd Sac Treasure Hunt Prize Sponsor Opportunities!!

There are still opportunities for prize sponsors to participate in the 2nd Sac Treasure Hunt!

Have a new business to showcase?

Want to let people know about your restaurant or new menus/items?

Have a great product or service to offer?

The STH offers a unique way for you to connect with new and current customers and get the niche branding and impressions you desire at an extremely affordable price; just trade of services!

That's right, there is no additional cost to you at this time to be a prize sponsor of the STH, just offer your services (i.e. gift cards or actual service). Minimum value required for specific levels and categories are exclusive.

Please contact us today to be a part of the 2nd STH in March. Your business does not need to be located in the Sacramento area to participate, as many of our participants enjoy restaurants and other places outside the Greater Sacramento area.

For STH prize sponsorship inquiries, please email us at sactreasurehunt at Tell them cakegrrl sent you!!

PS: I will be doing the OFFICIAL 2nd Sac Treasure Hunt Cake to be eaten March 20th!! Chomp chomp chomp!!! Flavor suggestions being taken in the comments section. You could win your very own sample cake. Please let me know what flavors you'd like to eat!!

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