Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sac Treasure Hunt Cake 2, with Even More Hazelnutty Goodness…

O M G. Look at those layers. Filled with Nutella buttercream (my secret recipe!!) and brushed with Hazelnut syrup. Oh man. That's what made up the 2nd Sac Treasure Hunt Cake, that was served to everyone who found the secret location last Saturday at Raley Field.

Before decoration. The two bottom layers are fudge brownie (more stable) and the top two layers and the lid are hazelnut butter cake (not as dense).

Iced in hazelnut buttercream and all topped with buttercream fondant.

The hinges were made of sugar cookie and painted in chocolate. I also made a metallic paint for everything that was to be gold, rivets, lock mechanism, etc.

This time, there was a cake given away as part of the Sac Treasure Hunt Grand Prize! I got the nifty pan from CSN stores and thought it would be perfect for Sac Treasure Hunt. The cake was also hazelnut butter cake, and brushed with dark chocolate.

A SPECIAL STH3 will be starting on Monday, March 29th and ending on Thursday, April 1st!

No treasure chest keys in this hunt; just several social media platforms that will challenge you each day to figure out where the secret location is on Thursday!

A social media experiment galore...

So find the pirate in you to figure it all out and you will be rewarded!

Follow Sac Treasure Hunt on twitter and Find the Pirate in You!!

See the 2nd Sac Treasure Hunt on YouTube here.

Pics courtesy of Marsh Wildman.

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Lesley Miller said...

I cannot wait for the the virtual Sac Treasure Hunt since I couldn't make it to the one on Saturday. Beautiful, cake! I absolutely love it.