Monday, May 10, 2010

No Wednesday Lunch Plans? Follow the Chef!

OK, downtowners, it's only Tuesday, but I am telling you about this ahead of time, so you can make special plans!!

If you are craving a unique lunch experience, and have a few hours to spare on a Wednesday, Follow the Chef!

The chef I am referring to is Michael Tuohy, the head chef at The Grange Restaurant, located adjacent to the Citizen Hotel AND the Wednesday Farmer's Market at Cesar Chavez!!

Every Wednesday, you can accompany Chef Tuohy on an exclusive tour of the Cesar Chavez Farmer's Market. Learn about the slow-food movement as Chef shares his knowledge of California's freshest grown foods, grown locally in and around Sacramento.

After the tour, head back to the Chef's Table in Grange for a three-course meal paired with wine prepared by Chef Tuohy using ingredients found at the market.

It really is a gift and a privilege to have such wonderful ingredients at close range and then turn them into an amazing lunch. I never got the variety of fruits, nuts, or vegetables within 50-100 miles living in Ohio that I do living here in Sacramento.

Here's a rundown of what caught my eye––besides the Chef's t-shirt I could see through the back of his coat that said "Don't Panic, It's Organic!" :)––then I will show you what Chef Tuohy made for us!

Sweetpea bouquets... one of the most lovely things I saw at the market!!

These radishes were HUGE and super inexpensive!!

Please visit/buy from the date lady!! These dates were soooooooo good! The one I tasted was like biting into pecan pie filling!! It tasted like a million calories, yet the nutritionals on them are only 120 calories for 4 or 5 of them!! Eat away. :)

I don't remember the name of this girl, but she was the sweetest... I think she is 4th generation cherry grower and is very passionate about her crops! I was completely charmed by not only her salesmanship, but her knowledge of the product she sells!

Oranges. I love 'em. Especially the big ones like this.

A variety of apples...

We walked back to the restaurant and were seated... then the courses began to come out one by one... showcasing some of what the Chef Tuohy had purchased on the tour...

Spring onion soup with crème fraiche

Asparagus salad with marinated beets

Spring vegetable risotto featuring artichoke, mushrooms, peas and cheddar.

Grange Pastry chef Elaine Baker's strawberry crostada

The meal was paired with a rose and a pinot noir that Chef Tuohy had selected to match the courses perfectly.

So, if you your Wednesday lunch is open, come to Grange and the farmer's market for lunch and for $35, you can tour the market and have a gourmet meal (with wine and dessert included)!

This exclusive tour and lunch will be offered to no more than 15 people each Wednesday, so to reserve your market tour and lunch call (916) 492-4450.

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Anonymous said...

I attended a Sacramento Hotel Association luncheon recently at the Citizen in which Chef Michael Tuohy made an amazing Fregula Pasta with smoked chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and olive oil. Ever since that meal my taste buds have had a crush on his creations!