Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mojito Favorito…

There's a ton of mint growing on the back patio, there's rum in the cupboard. Limes await in the refrigerator. All the ingredients for a fine mojito. And today's mojito recipe is a made a little lighter with a sugar free syrup (made by DaVinci) I found at a restaurant supply store. It's also given a twist with a bit of orange flavored rum.

Why the reduced sugar version?

Well...I have been doing Weight Watchers online for about a month now, and to date (since the beginning of May) have lost 15 pounds. (From 140 to 125--weigh in was Saturday). I am fitting into my old clothes again and it is so encouraging. I log in everything I eat, and that is really the key. I have always exercised, so that only helps. Anyway, not to preach or go on and on about how much better I feel about myself (even though I still have 10-12 pounds to go), here's the drink recipe I had today at the end of my long weekend:

6-10 mint leaves (muddled in bottom of a glass)
1 part sugar free syrup
6 oz Lime juice
1 jigger Bacardi Orange rum
1 jigger Bacardi White rum
Splash of Sprite Zero

Shake all ingredients except for Sprite in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a glass of ice and finish with a splash of Sprite and garnish with a slice of lime and mint sprig. Mmm relaxation in a glass. You can double up on the Sprite and use less alcohol for an even lighter drink and only 2 points. (original recipe is 4 points). A regular mojito is 2 points for simple syrup, and 2 points per jigger of rum.

Back to the grind tomorrow and I am so ready to take on the week!! Going to bed early now. Goodnight.

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