Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last weekend, Revolution Wines celebrated their Grand Opening (at their new location) and I was invited to come join the party and see the tasting room/dining area.

I was happy to see the place very crowded when I arrived. I was not sure how many people would brave the rain. Parking was at a premium, and so was seating in the tasting/dining room.

I snagged a high table by the window (one of the best seats in the house) and I was given a menu and this little starter of fig and melon. I briefly browsed the menu and ordered a glass of their Chardonnay. 


I also ordered the marcona almonds (shown below). They were packed with flavor... tossed with oil and rosemary, salt and candied apricots. And they were so good, I was shoveling them in with a fork like I was eating cereal! Yes, that really happened. :(

This dish is the lamb kabobs on a quinoa salad with pomegranate. Pair the kabobs with a spicy red zin!

This is the bruschetta. The crostinis come with cheese (herb and garlic chevre) on the top and with the olive tapenade and diced seasoned tomatoes (pretty sure it was a simple basil, salt, and garlic trio) come out to accompany them.

Other menu highlights include:
marinated olives
house baked ciabatta,
an assorted cheese and fruit plate with crostini
an assorted charcuterie plate with baguette
a spinach salad with pears, marcona almonds, goat cheese, and citrus viniagrette
Thai chicken sliders with pickled onions and carrots and sweet chili aioli
baked polenta with marinara, roasted mushrooms, and tallegio cheese
beef brisket chili and cheddar corn muffin

and for dessert
chocolate almond tartlet
chai creme brulee
and a "Revolutionary Pop-Tart": flaky crust, pears and jam served warm over a slice of triple cream brie

All these dishes were expressly created to pair with Revolution's wines and the ones I tried did that beautifully. These are small plates for the most part, but awesome for ordering several and sharing. They are also reasonably priced with nothing over $16... that being the large charcuterie plate. The almonds are four of the best crunchy bucks you'll spend, especially with a crisp white like the pinot grigio or the chenin blanc.

Here's a view of the tasting bar and a little of the dining room... the vantage point you would get if you just walked in the door and stood a little to the left.

Revolution also has a number of items for sale, namely their wines, and some shirts with their logo embroidered on them.

Come on in to Revolution's new site!! It's located at 2831 S Street, Sacramento. For more information, call them at 916.444.7711 or go to their website here. Looks like they've got a winemaker dinner coming up as well on December 7th. More info about it here

You can "like" Revolution Wines on facebook here and follow them on twitter here. Happy tasting!!

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