Wednesday, January 26, 2011

San Francisco Fancy Food Show: The Frosting Queens (of Sacramento!!)

I just LOVED meeting The Frosting Queens at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show!
They were in a side room from the two main halls and kind of hard to find, but since I had received a press release about their company and their exact location at the show, I tracked them down! :)

First of all, they are from Sacramento! The Frosting Queens are Annette and Angela Del Biaggio, who use all-natural products along with "glitter" and a pinch of "glam" to make their special cake accompaniments!

They sent me 2 flavors to try: Majestic Milk Chocolate and Crowned Caramel Spice. I recommend both for something as simple as graham cracker spread or as fancy as a birthday/celebration cake. The chocolate frosting would pair nicely with a chocolate cake or be a great topping for homemade brownies! The caramel variety would be delicious on top of a carrot or pumpkin cake!

Making frosting is a labor of love as both women are also working mothers. Then they are not busy with their full-time jobs or being mommies, they make their products in a commercial kitchen located in Carmichael. The frostings are available on their website: and also at Whole Foods in Sacramento, and the Gluten Free Specialty Market.

The frostings are packaged by the pound and cost $7.99 each. A pound of butter alone will cost you up to $4, so $7.99 seems to me like a fair price to pay for wholesome ingredients and homemade taste. Especially because the frostings have a three month shelf-life and unused portions (as if!) can be stored in the refrigerator.

Other flavors the Frosting Queens produce are: Prince's Peppermint, King's Cabernet, and Velvety Vanilla. So try them any way your kingdom sees fit. Let them eat frosting with pretzels, or by the spoonful!

You can "like" the Frosting Queens on Facebook here. For more information, call them at (916) 812-1616.

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