Thursday, February 10, 2011

Even More Romance & Chocolate! OMG!

Over at cakegrrl headquarters, I am just TEEMING with information to help a brother and sister out! Today I would like to plug two more gift ideas for those still struggling with what to gift for Valentine's Day! Remember, I am here to help!

Suggestion #1:
First, have you heard about The Pantygram?!?
Yes, I said Pantygram. It's "the ultimate gift experience he'll never forget"!

Here's how it works:
Your intended gets a black envelope with a red pair of very skimpy undergarments inside. Attached to the underwear is a message that you get to personalize, but he has to go online to reveal what the message is. The cool thing is that it is as anonymous as you want to be, so you can say anything you have been dying to tell him!

When he reads your message, you will get an email telling you he has opened and read the message. Ryan Seacrest recently featured the Pantygram on his show. Listen here!

I know you can't wait to do this now for your special someone, so order here now! The cool thing is that you don't have to send one only on Valentine's Day. If you can send on your anniversary or on a birthday, or just whenever you want someone to know they have a secret admirer!

So, here's the one I got yesterday. Yes, someone actually sent even ME, panties. :) Here's the message I got:

So what are you waiting for? A suggestive suggestion you want him to be your Valentine is only a click away.... ;) You can "like" Send a Pantygram on Facebook here, and follow the talk on twitter here.


Suggestion #2:
AND! You could also go down the caloric route and choose candy. If you do choose candy, go with Cocoa Dulce. OMG. It's some of the best and prettiest candy I have ever tried!

Beth Tully makes these artisan chocolates with true passion, as her calling to be a chocolatier began in the early 2000's.  She founded Cocoa Dulce in 2005, in pursuit of the ultimate chocolate experience. She makes each chocolate by hand without preservatives. They use high-quality Belgian chocolate with extremely high butter fat (providing a more velvety texture).

One of the collections, (Cocktails in a Box) includes Stout (as in Guinness), Champagne (Cava), Margarita, Zinfandel, Piña Colada (with fresh Pineapple), Port, Amaretto, Irish Cream, and Scotch flavors.

You can choose from something as small as a 3 favor box, but why would you? I'm telling you, live large, it'll be worth it. Check out the 36 piece Cocoa Dolce collection!!

They also sell chocolate bars of 70% Bittersweet, 57% Bittersweet, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Sugar Free, as well as specialty tasting kits

And this pretty package perfect for Valentine's Day called Love & Chocolates which contains: 

Brandied Raspberry-Frambroise soaked raspberries in a 57% bittersweet ganache. Cherry Cordial-Brandy-soaked cherries in a liquefied center...not your Grandma's chocolate-covered cherry!! Sinful Mint-70% bittersweet ganache infused with organic essential oil of peppermint. Cinnamon-Essential oil of cinnamon in a white chocolate ganache. Strawberry Balsamic-Aged balsamic vinegar and Early Glow strawberry preserved in a white chocolate butter ganache. Blackberry- Fresh, locally grown blackberries in a 57% bittersweet ganache. Oh yum.

For more information call 316-866-2906 or 866-505-9214 or email them at info at cocoadulce dot com! Their facebook page is here.

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