Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Guinness and Irish Cream Cupcakes for St. Patrick's! Order Yours Today!!

OK, I said the dreaded "c" word.

Jumbo Guinness cupcake paired with what else??

Somehow, people still love em and they "sell like hotcakes". Actually, I think the saying can now be changed to "selling like cupcakes".

That might explain why there is a cupcake shop (or five) in every suburb in Sacramento... What is up with that? Even shops who specialize in other things (chocolate, for example) are selling... you guessed it... cupcakes. Sheesh.

Little army of cupcakes just before
showtime at de Vere's Irish Tweetup.
So this month, you can also get Guinness cupcakes with Guinness & Irish Cream cocoa filling and Irish Cream Buttercream frosting. They will be bigger, better, more elegant (just look at the pearls they are wearing) and tastier than anyone else's in Sacramento or you can have your money back. Promise.

Just look at the ones I did for de Vere's Irish Pub's Irish Tweetup event.

I am also doing GREEN VELVET cupcakes for the month of March. They are just like red velvet, only green! :) And I always take special requests. Just ask.

Call me at 916-612-0035 or email me (cakegrrl 2007 at gmail) to place your order in time for St Patrick's Day. I will deliver them free within 10 miles of Sacramento and for a nominal charge beyond that. You can also find me on twitter.


Anonymous said...

Those were SO amazing! I'm still having dreams about them. :)

Moxie said...

Loved the Guinness cupcakes and the green velvet cupcakes were such a wonderful surprise of citrusy goodness. That flavor combo would be perfect for summer parties.