Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Phở Bac Hoa Viet made me a Phởnatic!!

Say it with me: FUH • BACK • HO • VEE • IT


Yay! You did it. Now that you can say it... you don't have to be afraid to eat there. If you still need a little more information, keep reading.

First, Phở Bac Hoa Viet specializes in a soup called Phở. Phở is a traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup, served with fresh basil, saw leaves, bean sprouts, and green chiles.

Phở was first enjoyed during the mid-1880s. It has both Chinese and French influences. The noodles and spice components were derived from China, and the French introduced the red meat. The French also had something to do with the name. The French have a soup called "pot au feu", so when the Vietnamese cooks blended the Chinese, French and native influences together, Phở was born!

Phở came to the United States around 1975, when refugees began to flee Vietnam and head to the United States, bringing with them their food and culture.

Now, PhởBac Hoa Viet not only makes UN PhởGETTABLE Phở, *har har*, but also serves cuisine with heavy Chinese influence. In fact, some of the food I have tried there is almost identical to Chinese food.

Here are some things I have ordered--the Won Ton Soup and the Chicken Chow Fun (pictured below):

One of my favorite things on the menu is probably the spring roll appetizer. It comes with 2 large rolls (cut into 4 pieces) and a side of peanut sauce for dipping.

You can try this dish for FREE! Click here for more details: FACEBOOK FREE SPRING ROLL APPETIZER

Phở Bac Hoa Viet is located 3110 Bradshaw Rd and in Folsom at 606 East Bidwell Street. You can find them on Facebook here. And follow them on twitter here.

Phở Bac Hoa Viet is having a twitter contest! They are giving away gift cards (at different monetary levels) when they reach 100, 500, and 1,000 followers.

To enter, FOLLOW THEM and tweet: "Phở Bac Hoa Viet makes me Phởnatical! Follow @phobacsac & RT to win a $20 gift card!"

Multiple entries if you also like them on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall. Be sure to let them know your twitter handle when you comment! ;)


Anonymous said...

I want to go there but want to know if they use any MSG. Does any one know?

Anonymous said...

I will find out for you and comment here again with the answer. :)


Anonymous said...

I think they do....a friend of mine is allergic to msg and she said she had problems there....but she that wayside noodles in downtown sac is better for her....

kristy said...

I do like Pho bac Hoa Viet, but I think Quan Nem Ninh Hoa and Pho King are both better. If you haven't tried them, you must. Yum.

cakegrrl2007 said...

Hello All,
This is taken directly from the Mayo Clinic website at

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer commonly added to Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified MSG as a food ingredient that's "generally recognized as safe," the use of MSG remains controversial. For this reason, when MSG is added to food, the FDA requires that it be listed on the label.

MSG has been used as a food additive for decades. Over the years, the FDA has received many anecdotal reports of adverse reactions to foods containing MSG. These reactions — known as MSG symptom complex — include:

* Headache
* Flushing
* Sweating
* Facial pressure or tightness
* Numbness, tingling or burning in face, neck and other areas
* Rapid, fluttering heartbeats (heart palpitations)
* Chest pain
* Nausea
* Weakness

However, researchers have found no definitive evidence of a link between MSG and these symptoms. Researchers acknowledge, though, that a small percentage of people may have short-term reactions to MSG. Symptoms are usually mild and don't require treatment. The only way to prevent a reaction is to avoid foods containing MSG.

That being said, YES. Some Pho Bac Hoa Viet dishes contain MSG. But I will also tell you that Wayside Noodles uses the same recipes. Ask your server for help with this issue. I am certain there are some dishes that don't contain MSG.

Also, thank you for the additional restaurant recommendations.

Finally, I deleted a few nasty comments that came through on this post. I will not tolerate people being hateful/spiteful on here. I will however, allow valid criticism to come through.

Pho just like pizza or burgers or fries is a very personal thing as far as who makes the best! :)

Constructive criticism is welcome. Vile remarks are not.