Sunday, April 03, 2011

2011 Celebrity Chef Challenger: "Hail to the Chef" Evan Elsberry

The 9th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge is coming soon!! Are you ready to find out "Who's Cuisine Reigns Supreme???" 

This week's interview is with Chef Evan Elsberry of Evan's Kitchen in East Sacramento.

Cakegrrl: What made you want to become a chef?
Chef Elsberry: I really love the creative process

CG: Where did you receive your training?
Chef Elsberry: 30 years in too many restaurants to list. CG: I will: The Family Room, Andiamo!, Limelight Cafe, Clarion Hotel, the Delta King and America Live, to name a few.

CG: What is a typical day like for you at the restaurant or your place of work?
Chef ElsberryThere are no typical days.

CG: What are/who are your primary cooking influences?
Chef Elsberry: Jaques Peppin and Jean Pierre Brehier.

CG: What are your favorite and least favorite foods to prepare?
Chef Elsberry: My favorites are anything that is sauteed. My least favorite things are anything that has to be baked.

Please tell me about your most overwhelming moment in the kitchen.

Chef Elsberry: 
A pressure broaster exploded and a giant fire ball just missed my head!

CG: What is your "can't live without" kitchen tool and why?

Chef Elsberry: 
My apron. For some reason I have to have one on to function properly.

CG: If you had a different career choice, what would it be?
Chef Elsberry: An artist or a writer.

CG: Best meal ever?
Chef ElsberryWild boar.

CG: Tell me why are you going to win the Celebrity Chef Event 2011?!?!? :)
Chef Elsberrya.) My food tastes THE BEST. and b.) I need the publicity for the generated future business.

Well, here's some publicity for Chef Evan: If you missed him on St. Patrick's Day this year on the news, here he is with making Shepard's Pie.

In addition to TV appearances, Evan has been recognized nationally. Last year, Evan's Kitchen and Catering won the 2010 Planners' Choice Award presented by Portland, Maine-based Eventective, the Web's largest database of special-event venues and service providers in the United States and Canada. Award winners were chosen on various criteria, including the number of times a caterer's Eventective listing was viewed. Evan's Kitchen was among three California establishments to crack the top 20.

The 9th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge is at California Automobile Museum from 5:30-9:30pm. You can purchase tickets with your credit card by clicking here (FYI, there is a $2 convenience fee). To avoid that fee, you have plenty of time to pay by check by sending your money here: 

InAlliance, Attention: Celebrity Chef Challenge, 6950 21st Ave., Sacramento, CA 95820. For more information on tickets or ways to pay, click here.

The Celebrity Chef Challenge is the annual benefit for INALLIANCE, a nonprofit organization that provides support programs for people with developmental disabilities in the greater Sacramento area. 

All proceeds from the Celebrity Chef Challenge go towards enhancing the vital programs INALLIANCE provides the community. 

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