Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cake War! (at the Celebrity Chef Challenge)

The Celebrity Chef Challenge is the annual benefit for INALLIANCE, a local nonprofit that provides supported employment and work and life skills training to people with developmental disabilities.

The “CAKE WAR” is a competition within the Celebrity Chef Challenge event that features four cake makers in a three hour battle to see whose creation takes the cake!

The 2011 CAKE WAR participants will be:
Sheryle Burnett-Ah Po & LaShawn Allen of Buttercream Dreams

David Benton of Sugar Sweet Pastries

and Kristin Platzer of the Institute of Technology

Participants will be given a theme to follow. The 2011 theme is Culinary Arts/Cooking.

Cake layers, fillings, and frostings will be baked and made in advance and assembled onsite during the Celebrity Chef Challenge “Cake War” competition.

Sugar pieces and cake/cereal pieces to be frosted or covered in fondant can be pre-made. (Any long lead items that need to be dried can be premade, but carving, shaping, covering and decorating need to be done during the competition)

Participants will have 3 hours to complete their design. Station Set-up is from noon-5:15pm. The actual competition will begin at exactly 5:30pm and end at 8:30pm.


There will be a total of 100 points possible.
50% of score will be on taste:
Cake Flavor 20 pts
Cake Texture 10 pts
Originality 10 pts
Icing/filling flavor 10 pts

50% of the score will depend on appearance and design:
Wow factor (is there a special element on the cake such as lights/mechanics or something unique that a typical cake would not have) 15 pts
Cake height/complexity of structure (there is no minimum height requirements): 15 pts
Neatness of decoration: the cake board, piping, handwork 10 pts
Faithfulness to the theme 10 pts

Participants will be judged by Local Food Critic and Baking Diva, Kristy DeVaney of (hey, that's me!!) and Greg Sabin food writer for Edible Sacramento and Inside Publications. Winners will be announced at the event Awards Ceremony between 9:00pm and 9:30pm.

The 9th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge is at California Automobile Museum from 5:30-9:30pm. You can purchase tickets with your credit card by clicking here (FYI, there is a $2 convenience fee). To avoid that fee, you have plenty of time to pay by check by sending your money here: 

InAlliance, Attention: Celebrity Chef Challenge, 6950 21st Ave., Sacramento, CA 95820. For more information on tickets or ways to pay, click here.
All proceeds from the Celebrity Chef Challenge go towards enhancing the vital programs INALLIANCE provides the community.

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