Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Content Creation and Distribution Expo Coming to Loomis, Sept 16th and 17th. 2011

The Content Creation and Distribution Expo is part trade show, festival, symposium, and entertainment venues bringing together companies, manufacturers, artists, and individuals that are focused on the latest technologies that make creating content easier, faster and less expensive, as well as distributing that content to the end user via hand-held devices, home computers, televisions and new digital theaters.

If you are a filmmaker, producer, or simply someone who has an idea for a good “how-to” video, the CCD Expo can provide you with ideas, training, and connections to the leaders in the media business.

If you’re an aspiring musician wanting to make a new album, the CCD Expo can introduce you to the best local recording studios, labels and marketing agencies. If you are a production company, manufacturer, public relations company, marketing and advertising agency, web designer, SEO expert, or just great at social networking, you won’t want to miss this show. No matter what type of content you want to make, or have already produced, the CCD Expo can show you how to make, market, promote, distribute, and monetize your projects.

Who is coming to the Expo?
Movie stars, music stars, leaders in the industry and the top companies in this new world of media on demand. Here are a few guest speakers and sponsors:
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