Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sausage Party...

Yes, it's true. Last Sunday afternoon, I was the only girl at the party...sitting at a table with 5 boys.

You see, Running Bum threw a party at his house (in honor of one of his friends on his 60th birthday). And, a few weeks ago, the marketing people at al fresco sent me some coupons to try their product and show it to all of you. So to help out on the food preparation, and because I sensed it was a good opportunity to try the different flavor options, I skewered up the sausages with a colorful bunch of vegetables, and we threw them on the grill.


The varieties we sampled are pictured below:  

The sausage and vegetable kabobs were the perfect way to try the different flavors. The Sweet Italian sausages had a red and green bell pepper flavor, the Roasted Garlic had a more mild flavor, and our favorite, the Roasted Pepper and Asiago had a great red bell pepper flavor with just a touch of cheese. The sausages were flavorful enough on their own, so I am happy we tried them this way and not disguised in a complicated recipe. The bonus is that each sausage is an average of 140 calories. And I am always looking for a calorie bargain.


It was fun afternoon. The party guests are all runners, and it was very entertaining to hear their stories, since I am kind of a beginner at the sport. All the food we served was Paleo, because two of the guests besides RB and myself already follow the diet. We also dined on pork and blueberry meatballs (recipe to come), a huge salad, and prosciutto-wrapped melon. Dessert was some 80% chocolate and bacon-wrapped dates. RB and I really love to entertain and cook for others!


To learn more about al fresco, you can find them on Facebook here, and you can follow them on twitter here.

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