Saturday, September 23, 2006



OK, I am going to turn off the lights in my place and pretend I am in LA eating at Opaque. I don't think I would enjoy my food and I would so need a bib the size of a tablecloth. Does anyone else think this concept is for lack of a better word: dumb?

I would try it during my trip just to say ooh, I dined in the dark..., but after I saw that the $99 bucks is only 3 courses and only 4 menus...oh yeah, and then there's the nifty UPCHARGE if you get the beef, *oh Lord cause that's just so crazy expensive*...and it doesn't even include a beverage (soda, even), I am thinking, turn on the f*cking lights already and bring out some pizza and Beringer for crying out loud.

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Unknown said...

There are a lot of these "dine in total darkness" places popping up. From what I hear, they depend on the experience, not the food to make it worth the money.

I agree, cause I can make a good meal at home and put myself in a dark closet with a few pillows and a radio and be just dandy. Though I guess some of the drama is lost...