Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Biba Interview...

She was so nice and down to earth. It was... great. I am such a dork on this recording, but I hope I asked good questions. I love her accent. Is she not sooo interesting to listen to??? I was really happy to be there and felt really privileged. She even presented me with her new book and signed it to me. Um, rad!!!
I am going back for dinner sometime this week (on my own dime--I didn't have anything to eat tonight from there, as the interview was before they opened for dinner) Hopefully she will humor me and I can get a picture with her when I go back in this weekend. I'd like to wrangle someone into joining me, but I will probably end up solo. That's fine, too. I want to objectively review the food. I get $15 from work, so at least the tip is covered. HA!
Listen to the interview here:

la prima parte

la seconda parte

la terza parte

Tempi buoni!

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