Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Food Pics! Wheeee....

Here, the offerings at the social I attended this evening. I drank less than 4ozs of the "wine" that was served, which means I was only drinking it so I wouldn't be so tense about being there. It was a cab. And since I don't hate, I appreciate, I will stop my wine review there. :) Let's just play up the snacks, K?

Chicken Satay

Fruit Tray!


Roll-ups and Cheese

Fruit "Jeweled" Cheese Ball

If I had a decent camera, I might actually be getting OK at food pics...These were taken primarily so I could practice. Then when I go to the next restaurant (Tuesday, tentatively) I can get some decent shots. And hopefully everything won't be sitting on a Ritz.

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wheresmymind said...

Those potstickers look incredible!