Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's chowhound meets roadfood at chowtour. I wonder when/if he'll make it out here. I know I've got a few ideas for stops in Ohio!

Calories and fat aside...Best Ice Cream Everrrr is in Cincinnati at Graeter's:


Willa Frank said...

oh, cakegrrl! the trouble we're going to be in! ;-)) rotfl

what's your favorite flavor? mine's black raspberry chip and caramel--but the seasonal ones are also in the running: peach, pumpkin, cinnamon...just can't decide!

cakegrrl said...

It's DBL chocolate chip! That's why I posted the pic of that one. ;) But since you are asking, I will take one scoop of pistachio and one scoop of the DBL chocolate chip and then I will sort of mix them together in the dish with their hot fudge sauce and whipped cream. I also want a brownie in there. Yes, I have the PMS chocolate symptoms in full effect even though my body no longer does the rest. TMI, huh? ;)